Black rice

Black rice has been cultivated in Southeast Asian countries, especially China, for many years. Because this rice was special for the Chinese emperor and ordinary people were not allowed to grow and consume it, it was known as forbidden rice. A rice is whole, that is, it is with bran, for this reason, it retains its shape after cooking, does not stick and has a soft texture. Due to its dark purple color, this rice can give a good effect to any food. This rice is black when raw and purple when cooked.
• The greatest properties of black rice are its vitamins, which are rich in anthocyanin antioxidants, because of this, it controls many cancers and is known as a natural anti-cancer drug.
• Black rice is a tonic food that controls blood pressure and reduces cholesterol and has a high effect on heart health. With regular and planned use, you can prevent heart diseases to a large extent. By using black rice, you can reduce atherosclerotic plaque by about 50%.
• It is rich in fibers; therefore it plays a very important role in cleaning the intestines and also in treating constipation.
• Black rice is rich in iron and is useful for people suffering from iron deficiency.
• The simpler the black rice, the better.
As a nutritious food, it has more calories than brown and white rice. For example, in 100 grams of this product, there are 8.5 grams of• protein, 4.9 grams of fiber and 3.5 grams of iron. With this certainty, the nutritional value of black rice is higher than white rice and brown rice, red rice.